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Miss Dior Eau de Parfum 1ml
Sauvage Eau de Parfum 1ml
Prestige Micro-Huile de Rose Serum Bubble Card 1ml
DIOR ADDICT LIP GLOW OIL | Nourishing lip oil - intense gloss - colour-awakening
Best Seller
J’adore Eau de Parfum 1ml
Sauvage Elixir 1ml
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet 1ml Sample
J’adore Parfum d’eau 1ml Sample
DIOR ADDICT LIP GLOW | Colour-reviving lip balm - 24h* hydration - 97% natural-origin ingredients**
Best Seller
Sauvage Eau de Parfum Travel Size 10ml
SAUVAGE | Eau de Parfum
Best Seller
Capture Totale Le Sérum 1ml Sample
SAUVAGE | Eau de toilette
L'Or de J'adore 1ml Sample
Miniature Rouge Dior 999 Lipstick
DIOR ADDICT LIP MAXIMIZER | Plumping gloss - instant and long-term volume effect - 24h hydration
Best Seller
ROUGE DIOR COUTURE COLOUR REFILLABLE LIPSTICK | 4 Finishes: Satin, Matte, Metallic and Velvet - Floral Lip Care - Comfort and Long Wear
Best Seller
Dior Le Baume 3ml Sample
J’adore Eau de Parfum Travel Size 5ml
MISS DIOR | Eau de parfum - floral and fresh notes
Best Seller
DIOR ADDICT | Hydrating shine lipstick - 90% natural-origin ingredients - refillable
Best Seller
SAUVAGE | Elixir
Best Seller
DIOR FOREVER SKIN GLOW | Clean Radiant Foundation - 24h Wear and Hydration
Best Seller
SAUVAGE | Parfum
DIOR ADDICT REFILL | Hydrating shine lipstick refill - 90% natural-origin ingredients
Miniature Miss Dior Eau de Parfum
ROUGE DIOR FOREVER LIPSTICK | Transfer-proof lipstick - ultra pigmented matte - bare-lip feel comfort
DIOR ADDICT CASE - LIMITED EDITION | Shine Lipstick Couture Case - Refillable
Best Seller
Forever Matte Foundation 2 Neutral Bubble Card
SAUVAGE | Spray deodorant
DIOR BACKSTAGE GLOW FACE PALETTE | Professional performance - pure shimmer, blendable - highlight & blush
Best Seller
ROSY GLOW | Colour-Awakening Blush - Natural Healthy Glow Effect
Best Seller
ROUGE DIOR FOREVER LIQUID | Transfer-proof* liquid lipstick - ultra-pigmented matte - weightless comfort
DIOR ADDICT LIP TINT | Hydrating no-transfer lip tint - 94% natural-origin ingredients - long-lasting
Best Seller
DIOR FOREVER | Clean Matte Foundation - 24h Wear - No Transfer - Concentrated Floral Skincare
Sauvage Eau de parfum - Try it First 1ml - Sample
Forever Skin Correct 1 Neutral Sachet Sample
DIOR BACKSTAGE FACE & BODY FOUNDATION | Face and Body Foundation - Second-Skin Effect Natural Finish - Resistant to Water and Heat
Best Seller
Sauvage Elixir – Try It First 1ml - Sample
HYPNOTIC POISON | Eau de toilette
J’adore Parfum d’eau 1ml Sample
Rouge Dior Forever Lipstick Bubble Card Sample
ROUGE DIOR LIP BALM | Coloured Lip Balm - 95%* Natural-Origin Ingredients - Floral Lip Care - Natural Couture Colour - Refillable
DIOR BACKSTAGE FACE & BODY FLASH PERFECTOR CONCEALER | Complexion concealer - Face and Body - high coverage - natural glow finish - waterproof wear
Diorshow Pump 'N' Volume 090 Miniature Sample
Miss Dior Eau de parfum - Try it First 1ml - Sample
Dior Beauty Discovery Pouch - Gift with Purchase
Backstage Face & Body Foundation 2N, 1ml Sample
Best Seller
MISS DIOR | Blooming Bouquet Roller-Pearl
SAUVAGE | Stick deodorant
DIOR HOMME INTENSE | Eau de parfum intense
DIOR BACKSTAGE EYE PALETTE | Ultra-pigmented and multi-texture eye palette - primer, eyeshadow, highlighter and eyeliner
Dior Forever Velvet Veil Primer 1ml Sample
J'ADORE | Eau de parfum
Best Seller
LE BAUME | Revitalizing Balm for Hands, Lips and Body
Best Seller