Complexion Cushions

DIOR FOREVER COUTURE PERFECT CUSHION - DIORIVIERA LIMITED EDITION | 24h wear foundation - hydrating - luminous matte and glow finishes
DIOR FOREVER COUTURE LUMINIZER - DIORIVIERA LIMITED EDITION | Long-Wear Highlighter - Intense Highlighting Powder - 99% Pigments of Natural Origin
DIOR FOREVER CUSHION POWDER - LIMITED EDITION SPRING 2022 COLLECTION | Ultra-fine and fresh comfort loose powder - transparency, perfection and long wear
Dior Forever Couture Luminizer | Longwear highlighting powder - 95%* natural-origin pigments
Dior Forever Couture Skin Glow Cushion | Fresh foundation - 24h wear and hydration - radiant finish
DIOR FOREVER NATURAL BRONZE HEALTHY GLOW BRONZING POWDER | Powder bronzer - healthy glow effect - sun-kissed finish - 95% mineral-origin pigments
DIOR BACKSTAGE FACE & BODY POWDER-NO-POWDER | Perfecting translucent powder - blurring effect, natural radiant finish - long-wear matity
DIOR FOREVER CUSHION POWDER | Ultra-fine skin fresh loose powder - long-wear translucent perfection
Dior Forever Perfect Cushion | Diormania Gold Limited Edition Cushion Foundation - 24H* Wear Fresh Foundation - 24h Hydration**
Diorskin Forever | Couture Perfect Cushion
Dior Forever Couture Skin Glow Cushion Refill | Fresh foundation - 24h wear* and hydration** - radiant finish
DIOR PRESTIGE | Cushion foundation - Le Cushion Teint de Rose
DIOR PRESTIGE REFILL | Cushion foundation - Le Cushion Teint de Rose