DIOR BACKSTAGE EYE PALETTE LIMITED EDITION | Ultra-pigmented and multi-texture eye palette - primer, eyeshadow, highlighter and eyeliner
DIOR BACKSTAGE FACE & BODY FLASH PERFECTOR CONCEALER | Complexion concealer - Face and Body - high coverage - natural glow finish - waterproof wear
DIOR ADDICT NATURAL GLOW SET | Makeup Set - Lip Balm, Plumping Lip Serum and Gloss
DIOR ADDICT | Hydrating shine lipstick - 90% natural-origin ingredients - refillable
DIOR ADDICT REFILL | Hydrating shine lipstick refill - 90% natural-origin ingredients
DIOR ADDICT LIP TINT | Hydrating no-transfer lip tint - 95% natural-origin ingredients - long-lasting
DIOR FOREVER COUTURE PERFECT CUSHION - DIORIVIERA LIMITED EDITION | 24h wear foundation - hydrating - luminous matte and glow finishes
DIOR FOREVER COUTURE LUMINIZER - DIORIVIERA LIMITED EDITION | Long-Wear Highlighter - Intense Highlighting Powder - 99% Pigments of Natural Origin
5 COULEURS COUTURE DIORIVIERA LIMITED EDITION | Eye Makeup Palette With 5 Eyeshadows - High Colour and Long Wear
DIOR ADDICT LIP GLOW OIL DIORIVIERA LIMITED EDITION | Nourishing lip oil - intense gloss - colour-awakening
ROUGE DIOR COLOURED LIP BALM DIORIVIERA LIMITED EDITION | Coloured lip balm - 95%* natural-origin ingredients - floral lip care - couture colour - refillable
DIOR VERNIS DIORIVIERA LIMITED EDITION | Nail lacquer - couture colour - shine and long wear - gel effect - protective nail care
DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL SET | The Professional Runway Eye Look - Mascara and Mascara Primer-Serum
ROUGE DIOR - MOTHER'S DAY LIMITED EDITION | Lipstick - couture colour - floral lip care - long wear - velvet finish - foral motif
ROUGE DIOR | Collection Set of 4
ROUGE DIOR COUTURE COLOUR REFILLABLE LIPSTICK | 4 Finishes: Satin, Matte, Metallic and Velvet - Floral Lip Care - Comfort and Long Wear
DIOR BACKSTAGE ROSY GLOW BLUSH | Colour-awakening universal blush - natural healthy glow
CAPTURE TOTALE | Super Potent Serum Foundation
DIOR BACKSTAGE BRUSH CLEANSER | Makeup brush cleanser - no-rinse - deep cleansing & instant drying
Dior Forever Couture Skin Glow Cushion | Fresh foundation - 24h wear and hydration - radiant finish
DIOR ADDICT LIP GLOW | Colour-reviving lip balm - 24h* hydration - 97% natural-origin ingredients**
Dior Forever Couture Luminizer | Longwear highlighting powder - 95%* natural-origin pigments
ROUGE DIOR FOREVER LIQUID | Transfer-proof* liquid lipstick - ultra-pigmented matte - weightless comfort
MONO COULEUR COUTURE | High-colour eyeshadow - long-wear spectacular finish
DIOR BACKSTAGE SMALL EYESHADOW BLENDING BRUSH N°22 | Small eyeshadow blending brush n°22
DIOR BACKSTAGE LARGE EYESHADOW BLENDING BRUSH N°23 | Large eyeshadow blending brush n°23
DIOR BACKSTAGE BLUSH BRUSH N°16 | Blush brush n°16
DIOR BACKSTAGE POWDER BRUSH N°14 | Powder brush n°14
DIOR BACKSTAGE CONCEALER BRUSH N°13 | Concealer brush n°13
DIOR UNIVERSAL CONTOUR | Universal contour lipliner
DIOR BACKSTAGE AIRFLASH RADIANCE MIST | Primer & setting spray long-lasting airbrushed radiance
DIOR BACKSTAGE BLENDER | Fluid foundation sponge - bevel-shaped - buildable coverage
DIORSHOW PUMP 'N' BROW | Instant volumizing - natural-looking - squeezable brow mascara - fortifying effect
ROUGE BLUSH | Couture colour long-wear powder blush
DIORSHOW KHÔL | High intensity pencil waterproof hold with blending tip and sharpener
EYELINER WATERPROOF | Long-wear waterproof eyeliner pencil
DIORSHOW ON STAGE LINER | Felt-tip eyeliner
NAIL GLOW | Instant french manicure effect, brightening treatment
GEL COAT | Spectacular shine & shape top coat gel
BASE COAT ABRICOT | Protective nail care base fortifying & hardening
CRÈME ABRICOT | Nail cream
DIORSHOW MAXIMISER 3D | Triple volume plumping lash primer
DIORSHOW KABUKI BROW STYLER | Creamy brow pencil - triangular tip - structure and define - 12h wear*
DIOR LIP MAXIMIZER | Lip gloss - maximum hydration - instant and long-term volume effect
DIOR VERNIS | Couture colour, gel shine, long wear nail lacquer - Summer Dune
DIOR FOREVER NATURAL BRONZE HEALTHY GLOW BRONZING POWDER | Powder bronzer - healthy glow effect - sun-kissed finish - 95% mineral-origin pigments
Dior Forever Couture Skin Glow Cushion Refill | Fresh foundation - 24h wear* and hydration** - radiant finish
DIOR FOREVER PERFECT FIX | Face mist - makeup setting spray - longwear & instant hydration
DIOR FOREVER SKIN VEIL SPF 20 | Makeup base - correction, illumination & 24h hydration
DIOR FOREVER CUSHION POWDER | Ultra-fine skin fresh loose powder - long-wear translucent perfection
Dior Forever Natural Nude Longwear Foundation | 24h* wear natural complexion - 96%** ingredients of natural origin
ROUGE DIOR THE REFILL | Lipstick refill with 4 couture finishes: satin, matte, metallic & new velvet
Dior Forever Perfect Cushion | Diormania Gold Limited Edition Cushion Foundation - 24H* Wear Fresh Foundation - 24h Hydration**
DIOR BACKSTAGE RETRACTABLE LIP BRUSH N° 31 | Dior backstage retractable lip brush n°31
DIOR BACKSTAGE EYESHADOW SHADER BRUSH N° 21 | Eyeshadow shader brush n° 21
DIOR BACKSTAGE EYELINER BRUSH N° 24 | Eyeliner brush n° 24
DIOR BACKSTAGE DOUBLE ENDED BROW BRUSH N° 25 | Double-ended brow brush n° 25
DIOR BACKSTAGE KABUKI BRUSH N°17 | Retractable kabuki brush n°17
DIOR BACKSTAGE CONTOUR BRUSH N°15 | Contour brush n°15