CAPTURE TOTALE - THE TOTAL AGE-DEFYING INTENSE RITUAL | Skincare Set - Lotion, Serum, Eye Cream, Firming Cream
CAPTURE TOTALE DREAMSKIN | The total age-defying perfect skin creator ritual - skincare fluid, face mask and serum
DIOR CLEANSERS | Cleansing Milk with Purifying French Water Lily - Face and Eyes
DIOR CLEANSERS | Micellar Water with Purifying French Water Lily - Face and Eyes
DIOR CLEANSERS | Eye and Lip Makeup Remover with Purifying French Water Lily
Capture Totale | Super Potent Créme
Capture Totale | Super Potent Rich Creme
LA MOUSSE OFF/ON FOAMING CLEANSER | Anti-Pollution Foaming Cleanser with Purifying French Water Lily
Capture Totale | Super Potent Serum
DIOR HYDRA LIFE FRESH SORBET CREME | Hydrating face and neck cream - hydrates, plumps and enhances
DIOR HYDRA LIFE INTENSE SORBET CREME | Hydrating face and neck cream - hydrates, nourishes and enhances
CAPTURE TOTALE  | Intensive essence lotion - intense preparation - radiance and strengthened skin barrier
DIOR PRESTIGE SET | Exceptional micro-nutritive and revitalising ritual - lotion, serum and cream
DIORSNOW | Brightening light-activating micro-infused lotion
DIOR PRESTIGE | La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum
DIOR PRESTIGE LE MICRO-SÉRUM DE ROSE YEUX ADVANCED | Exceptional regenerating micro-nutritive eye serum
Capture Totale | Super Potent Eye Serum- total anti-fatigue age-defying eye serum
DIOR PRESTIGE LA CRÈME TEXTURE ESSENTIELLE - LUNAR NEW YEAR LIMITED EDITION | Cream for face and neck - revitalises, evens out and envelops the skin in comfort
Capture Totale | Super Potent Eye Créme
DIOR PRESTIGE | La micro-lotion de rose
DIOR PRESTIGE | La lotion essence de rose
Dior Prestige La Mousse Micellaire | Face cleanser - foam texture - exceptionally gentle
DIOR PRESTIGE LIGHT-IN-WHITE | L'oléo-essence lumière
DIOR PRESTIGE LIGHT-IN-WHITE | Prestige illuminating crème
DIORSNOW ESSENCE OF LIGHT SERUM | Pure concentrate of light - brightening milk serum
DIORSNOW ULTIMATE UV SHIELD TONE UP | Skin-breathable brightening emulsion - tinted skincare – SPF15
CAPTURE TOTALE | Super Potent Cleanser
Capture Dreamskin | Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask - Youth-perfecting mask - New skin effect
Capture Dreamskin | Care & Perfect - Global age-defying skincare - Perfect skin creator
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Micellar milk - no rinse cleanser
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Lotion to foam - fresh cleanser
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Oil to milk - makeup removing cleanser
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Balancing hydration • 2 in 1 sorbet water
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Fresh reviver - sorbet water mist
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Triple impact makeup remover • cleanse, soothe, beautify
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Micellar water - no rinse cleanser
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Glow better - fresh jelly mask
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Extra plump - smooth balm mask
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Pores away - pink clay mask
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Cooling hydration - sorbet eye gel
CAPTURE YOUTH | Glow booster age-delay illuminating serum
CAPTURE YOUTH | Age-delay advanced eye treatment
CAPTURE YOUTH | Plump filler age-delay plumping serum
CAPTURE YOUTH | Age-delay advanced crème
DIOR PRESTIGE | Le micro-caviar de rose
CAPTURE YOUTH | Intense rescue age-delay revitalizing oil-serum
CAPTURE YOUTH | Matte maximizer - age-delay matifying serum
CAPTURE YOUTH | Lift sculptor age-delay lifting serum
CAPTURE YOUTH | New skin effect enzyme solution age-delay resurfacing water
DIOR PRESTIGE | La crème de nuit
Cica Recover Balm | Balm with chamomile - face & body
CAPTURE YOUTH | Redness soother age-delay anti-redness soothing serum
DIOR PRESTIGE | La crème - texture essentielle
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | sorbet droplet emulsion - 'matte dew hydration
L'or de Vie | La lotion
Dior Prestige La Crème Mains de Rose | Hand cream - exceptional micro-nutritive and revitalising care
DIOR HYDRA LIFE | Deep hydration - sorbet water essence
Dior Prestige Light-in-White La Solution Lumière | Activated Serum Exceptional illuminating and revitalising dermo-serum
L’Or De Vie | La crème contour yeux et lèvres
L'or de Vie | Le sérum