Inspired by the exceptional women who have frequently graced its own history, Christian Dior Parfums is unveiling a series of short video portraits shaped by the words of several extraordinary women. Each one of them has been able to choose her own destiny, just like Catherine Dior, the Maison’s titular heroine; just like the face of J'adore , Charlize Theron, a socially engaged icon and symbol of proud, powerful femininity; and just like our producers of fragrant flowers in Grasse who, through strength and determination, bring the beauty of their land to life.

With passion, commitment and their heads held high, these women have set about making an impact on the world, setting an example for women everywhere to follow. Here, they share their experiences with other women.

The house of Dior contributes to CTAOP (Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project), which Charlize Theron founded in 2007 to support a network of educational associations working with the youth of sub-Saharan African countries. And this charitable commitment - through the CTAOP Youth Leaders Scholarship (CTAOP YLS) program - now certainly fits #Diorstandswithwomen. Launched in 2019, this new program was designed in partnership with StudyTrust and the UCLA Center for World Health in order to support and assist the “Leaders” of tomorrow, who most often turn out to be young girls praised for their commitment within their local communities. Today, Christian Dior Parfums is also committed to covering all of the costs of each individual scholarship of the CTAOP YLS 2021 program over a four-year period.